Blend Espresso [Organic]

Blend - Cooperative Coffee

A so-called "Italian" blend that speaks for its power and its racy notes.

Varieties Catuaí, Caturra, Typica
Method Washed
Countries Guatemala & Honduras
Score 82+
200g2 x 200g1kg save -30%

Tasting notes

naturally occurring
chocolate drawing kawa

Dark Chocolate




liquidambar African bed kawa coffee

Finca Liquidambar

Considered one of the pioneers of organic agriculture in Honduras, Finca Liquidambar enjoys a unique climate and ideal production conditions.
The coffee waste is used to make fertilizer and the coffee pulp goes into their compost.
At harvest time, the coffee is picked by hand when the cherries are ripe. The farm has multiple varieties to improve their genetics and resistance to rust.