Best Sellers Box Set



Here are the cream of the crop, the winners of the year, the best of Kodama: Rehab Bio and La Part des Anges! A fresh and invigorating green tea + a tender and tasty white tea: enough to delight the palate in any weather. A cotton bag and three samples are offered!

Rehab Organic (65g): Sencha green tea*, lemongrass*, ginger*, natural lemon flavour, lemon peel*, ground ginger*.

La Part des Anges (55g): Sencha green tea, Pai Mu Tan white tea, popcorn, cinnamon, natural vanilla flavor, almonds

Recommended dosage and infusion time
Rehab Bio : 2,5 tsp for 20cL - 2,30min at 75°C or 35mn at 20°C or 40mn at 20°C

La Part des Anges : 2.5 tbsp for 20cL - 2'30min at 75°C or 40min at 20°C

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