Organic black tea box



Black tea lovers will find their Grail: two organic creations to accompany them at any time of the day! An invigorating and stimulating creation + a tender and comforting creation: one tea for the morning, another for the afternoon. A cotton pouch and three samples are offered!

London 7am Organic (75g): black tea*, lemon peel*, natural vanilla flavour, vanilla pieces*.

Cartes sur Table Bio (80g): Indian black tea*, orange peel*, natural orange blossom flavour, rose petals*.

Ingredient from organic farming

Recommended dosage and brewing time
London 7am : 1.5 tsp for 20cL - 3min at 85°C or 180min at 20°C

Cartes sur Table Bio : 2 tsp for 20cL - 3min at 80°C or 45min at 20°C

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