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It's not every morning you wake up with a tiger in your bathroom. But there are days when it feels like it. For those mornings when the day stings the eyes, we've invented an instant detoxifying cure: the peel of a vitamin-rich lemon and anti-hangover ginger are combined with the most stimulating of green teas. A good reason not to give up the sleepless nights.

Ingredients (65g)
Sencha green tea*, lemongrass*, ginger*, natural lemon flavour, lemon peel*, ground ginger*. *Ingredient from organic farming / FR-BIO-01 / Agriculture EU/non EU

Recommended dosage and brewing time

2.5 tbsp for 20cL - 2.30min at 75°C or 35min at 20°C or 40min at 20°C
40 minutes cold for an iced tea


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