Arita Flower Dripper 1 cup (Blue) - Cafec



What's the best dripper for bringing out the full richness of coffee aroma?
As the world's leading developer of cone-shaped filter paper, CAFEC has launched the Arita Flower Dripper 1 cup Blue to answer this question after extensive research.


To avoid bad aromas getting into the coffee, the water has to circulate quickly and smoothly, and it's the shape of the "Flower Dripper" that achieves this.
As the water doesn't stay in the dripper, the volume of water poured in at the top and out at the bottom can remain the same, and the coffee that comes out is sublimated.
The rounded grooves at the bottom create flow paths for the coffee, and the taste becomes more stable.
Last but not least, the dripper handle follows the shape of the hand and is easy to grip.



This dripper can make 1 cup at a time and is blue in color.
It's made by a Japanese company renowned for the quality of its porcelain and with a 400-year history.
High-quality porcelain clay and stone powder are mixed to form an article, which is then fired at a very high temperature of 1300°.
Porcelain is hard like a mineral and has a very fine texture.

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