Coffee maker - KBG Select Bleu Nuit - Moccamaster



Combining technology and design, the KBG Select Bleu Nuit automatic filter coffee maker from Moccamaster is one of the best on the market and perfect for coffee lovers!

The percolation temperature is ensured by a dual-phase copper resistor and is constantly between 92°C and 96°C.
The machines have a capacity of 1.25 L, equivalent to 13 cups, and keep the coffee hot for around 40 min thanks to an integrated hot plate!
A 9-hole spray nozzle sprays the ground coffee evenly, ensuring optimum water distribution in the filter holder and even better coffee!
The "Select" selector lets you quickly choose the quantity of coffee you want, without losing any of the aromas.
This machine is available in a range of colors to suit all tastes!

Moccamaster machines are certified by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and ECBC (European Coffee Brewing Centre).
They are among the most durable machines on the market, thanks to their high-quality materials. What's more, each part can be purchased separately and replaced, guaranteeing a long service life!
The machines are handcrafted in the Netherlands and come with a 5-year warranty.


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