Deca [El Sueño]


From 9,90

Natural, 100% Arabica decaffeination.
Indulge yourself with notes of dark chocolate and caramel.

Varieties Typica, Bourbon & Caturra
Method Washed
Decaffeination Solvent free with water
Score 80+
200g2 x 200g1kg save -30%

Tasting notes

naturally occurring
chocolate and caramel kawa coffee drawing

Dark Chocolate - Caramel






El Sueño

Located in southwestern Mexico, the Chiapas region was Guatemalan before 1824. Its highly contrasting terrain includes coastal areas, valleys, mountains and tropical forests. It is one of the most important production regions in Mexico. It benefits from exceptional bioclimatic conditions that have allowed it to develop a rich and diverse agriculture on almost 20% of its land. The main products of Chiapas are coffee, bananas, cocoa, corn, mangoes, but also honey, sugar cane and chillies.

This region is very famous for its cocoa. Chiapas is also home to many indigenous communities: Maya, Tseltal, Tzotzil, Ch'ol, Tojol-ab... The coffee plantations are mostly family-owned and there are more and more solidarity cooperatives. In short, this is a region extremely rich in culinary, cultural and geographical diversity.